Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No CURVin Back

1 lil cup, 2 lil cup, 3,..............20! Omg ur 20 already?!

Someone's Twenty today 3 days ago!

20. Still young still young..! haha. No worries!

Met this young lady when we were mere 13 year olds. whilst embarking on our own personal journey into teenage hood and we've been best friends ever since.

Now, SHE'S FREAKIN 20! and im trailing not that far behind her.. *sniff sniff. GAAHHHHH!!!!

To celebrate her step into the TOO OoooLD category. (2.0ld), Muahahahaha! ~ We decided we should oh so definately go out and celebrate her coming of age!

Went to the Curve! Wheee! Bday gal wanted to catch a flick, so it was onwards ho to the cinema! Of all the movies to watch, we finally settled on Friday the 13th. Like. What were we thinking!? A horror show for a birthday celebration? Wat the chicken!

Left me in a "oh wat the fuck should I do if that dude in that mask (Jason) is hiding in one of the freaking many jungles surrounding Aimst!? *hyperventilates.."

WHATTTTTTTT... Its not like its impossible ok! *glares.

He should kill the jaya caterers first. They suck. Its either them or Jason who kills me first.


Have you ever heard of any restaurant naming themselves the Apartment?

I mean. Why Apartment? Why not The Hotel or The Condo?

First thing that striked me was this:

And this:

Would you eat in a place like this?

But The Hotel. Wow. I imagine this:

Ahh.. The Burj Hotel in Dubai. Someone please please sponsor me there one day... *melts...

Anyways anyways, back to the matter at hand, we've decided tp have a meal here since we've never tried it before. Looks pretty decent on the outside. Inside is pretty decent as well. Decent. But i dont really fancy it that much. Does not have a homely feel, ya know? Seing that they used a HOME theme to decorate the place, hence the name the Apartment.

The place is too clustered in my opinion.

And theres no cohesion in the furnitures.

For example the supposedly 'dining hall' furnitures did not match the other chairs and tables surrounding it. Its like white white white brown white brown brown white. Its as if they wanted vintagey feel with a modern touch? Perhaps. But its damn fail lo.

Wilson's not liking the furnitures too.

What made it so much worse was the staff's, or should i say the waiter's attitude.

They dont smile, they dont have any courtesy to say your welcome when we say thank you. They looked at us as if we cant afford the meal there. They think we were just some high school kids with an IQ close to 1! And i can soooo tell they were talking about us in the kitchen cause I could so freaking see them peeping out of the half sized swinging door thing of a jiggy!! (fish. Whats the name for those type of doors again?)

Like hello? You're a freaking waiter! You just memorize menu's or shit like that all day! Dont you dare compare what we go through each day!

Yea I dont like him. Bllueekk...

I seriously wanted to write those feedback cards thingy but i couldnt find one.

Food was just ok. The portion is so damn small! Like DAMNNN. Why the chicken did I pay RM38 for it??? And that does not include drinks ok.
And yes. Im being so totally biased on the food cause of the sucky waiters and the not up to expectations environment. So sue me.

Salmon in some sauce...

huhuhu... *Breath in breath out..

Ok ok. Im calm im calm..... We shouldnt forget whats the purpose of this post.


Wilson, Shee Wuee, Karmern

KaySim, Mua, Jon

We LOVE you no matter what and we certainly wont never ever forget you even when you leave for Scotland!

Outfit for the day:


Blue Earrings: Brands Shop
Dress: Nichii
Black Fringe Shoes: OrangeLittle
Bag (cant be seen): The Store in Kedah! hehe.


Oh yea Jon. I got you a present for ur bday! Which I left in freakin Kedah!!!!!! =( Next time next time. Remind me!

Since we're on this topic,

Woohoo!! Your in the Toooo Old category as well!!!! Yay you!

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