Friday, April 17, 2009

Its a Hormonal Thing. Nothing can STOP IT.

Me likey :)

CA 3 is officially OVER!

Can you say BYE BYE NOTES AND HELLO VERY MUCH WELL DESERVERED SLEEP!? I was sleep deprived, and food deprived, since i practically hibernated in my room for the whole week and slept less than 2 hours each day. YES. 2 hours a day. How do I survive it? By taking loads of Panadol (actually I was having my womanly cycles during that time too. So you cant blame me if I needed painkillers to reduce the pain!)

The minute I stepped out of the Examination Hall, I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing,Roman Calvary Choirs are singing, and the many cells in my body screaming WE NEED GOOD REST YOU MONSTER-OF-A-WOMAN-YOU! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

BUT instead.

I responded,



It was a war between the hormones and the cells. Needless to say who won.

Actually this was all YiShan's fault. I shall call her Mountain. Coz Shan = Mountain. No? Ok. It makes no sense. But hey! I am APPARENTLY the Queen of Lame Jokes. I can be royally excused.

Miss Mountain was in dire need to shop as well and so is Evelyn, who I shall call Evergreen. Just cause :) haha.

I bought SOOOOOOO MANY THINGS in Queensbay for less than RM230. This includes lunch at Sakae Sushi as well :)

*pics shown below cannot justify how GORGEOUS the items were! I shall take better pics when I have the time aite! <3>

Got this piece from Nichii. Essentially niched. Love it! I dont have much dresses like this. Fun and young! No? hehe.


This preppy yet totally chiq innocent top is found in The Next Shop! Didnt know they have such well hidden treasures there! I always thought that shop was crap cause the clothes they sell are like those you see can get in Sungai Wang. No shit. But upon close inspection, the clothes' quality are WAY MORE BETTER. And they give you 15% discount if you have a Citibank or CIMB credit card! SCORE! Thanks Mountain!

This was also bought in The Next Shop! Really, this picture does the top no justice. It has a bustier like cutting at the top and it looks really GORJES. So feminine and it was on SALES. 50% OFF@! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You wont believe how much I bought this silk like kimono top for! Its from Nichii as well by the way :)

The digits.




Its the last piece left. Tucked in some corner of the large shop. And its my size.

Muahahahahahaha! Thats why I say la, not all good things must be so pricey. The best shoppers are those who can spot hidden treasures like this. Like me!


Following items are bought from the Brands Outlet. Something like FOS. Cheap yet not bad quality. I got a pair of shoes here and some really neat accesories at pretty affordable prices!

Flats for days when I need to run to Lab sessions or to the Administration Building for exams.

Fuuuuhhhhhh... That reminds me. I was almost late for my exam today! Both Winnie and me cause we decided to stay back at the hostel and do some more readings only to notice 10 mins before the exams started that we were Effing late. Thanks to my godspeed run and my trusty old flats, we managed to reach there on time :)

Shall post bout the outing in the next post! :0

Till then.....

Dont you dare do any shopping without me. *glares.

hahahahah. Lol. Kidding! (No. Im actually not kidding T__________T)

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