Sunday, April 19, 2009


Ohmeeegod... I look constipated to say the least. T_______T

Imitation damn fail.

We, (includes me, my sis, and Evelyn) headed out to Pyramid right after me and Evelyn touched down at Duta Bus Station after a 6 hour journey from Kedah back to good old civilised KL. *inhales... HEAVEN on middle earth....

Picking the restaurant to eat at was no problem for me at all this time round. I knew exactly where and what I wanted to eat. Green Apple Fried Rice and Peppermint Choc with cream and chocolate rice chips!! Sememangnya lazat.. *drools..

You gotta love the theme of the restaurant.

'Ahoy there Matey's' and 'Whatrrrryerrr havin me scurrvy?'

Gasoline rocks my heels! Fantastic food at a fantastic price as well!

And their menu. The variety. Oh. My :)

Im not gona take individual pics of the food and write long decriptions that most probably you wont read anyway. Its so painstakingly painful! And no one ever reads it.

I swear i didnt fart!

Gasoline is located in Asian Avenue. Just in case you wana go check it out ;)

Nearby, we found the camwhoring machine! Yay!

I feel sooo young and so full of myself~ haha. I've still got it.

My sis needed to buy a dress for a Scouts dinner which i dont get why she's attenting since she is a St. Johns. BETRAYER! lol.

Apparently some guy asked her to go with him to the dinner. *sniffs sniffs. Like Older sister, like Younger sister.
Im sooo proud of her!!!!!!!!!

while waiting for le' sis in the changing room.

She finally settled on a flowy, empire waist, chiffon, black dress :) Thanks to the many advice from me. *pats back.

I bought a statement Tee and I absolutely adore it!!!! Some ppl are going to give me a good whacking once they see it. haha.

Either ways, im sorry for the lousy pics cause:

1) I didnt bring my camera.

2) My hp has only a lousy 2MP camera with no flash.

Sad. aikz. Well! Thats it from me this time! Till next time!

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