Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Don't worry. It aint orno with a capital P. lol.


From the man who gave you his remarkable guitar playing skills,

To the woman who gave you her awesome cooking talent.

And of course from the girl, 4 years older than you, who taught you that no dreams are ever too high.


How to shamefully act cute in front of the camera regardless of your age :P

LISA WONG YII YEN, you should be thankful.

That you will always have two people whom you can always share your 'girl' problems to.

And that this bank does not need a saving account. hehe.

A fellow comrade who will follow you into battle anytime.

Remember last year?

Well, you've certainly have a sharper eye on things this time round.

From the sister who loves you most,

And the parents who loves you as much as I do,


I hope everything you've wished for will come true! This year and every year :)

*Big sister trying to give some big sisterly advice*

As you age, you'll tend to forget certain things which has passed,

BUT don't ever forget your origins,

For it is because of them, we are what we are today.

Your big and fabulous sister.

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