Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going Down Swinging

Oh boo.

You are leaving me already. T.T

It seems like only yesterday we've just met.

Remember the good old times we had?

Our marvelous acting/dancing/singing/dress up skills we had? :P Oh, and not to mention your FANTASTIC BALD hair-do XD

I was dressed in a Bidayuh outfit btw, which was so big, the skirt keeps slipping down. Mind you I was unprepared and was wearing the normal innerwear and nothing else underneath. Thank god it never made it down all the way T_____T Else it wouldve been a tsk tsk tsk sight.

Though we were in different kompeni s, we somehow managed to find time to sneak away from out busy groups to have a walk round the camp. Ze long chats never seeemed so long till we heard the Trainers running towards us shouting "Lelaki dan Perempuan tak boleh dekat-dekat!"

We werent in that close proximity, I swear! :)

The Delta boy.

Even after the whole NS experience, you still managed to get hold of me (im quite a tough person to get hold of as I usually dont facebook/friendster/msn/reply sms/pick up calls) and make a few trips out together.

The famous Chicken Cordon Bleu which you introduced and made me hooked on to it ever since.

And that time you went to Australia for your brother's graduation and got me A SUPER HUGE SUPER CUTE PINK BUNNY and mini koala bears as accompaniment, passing it to me in the middle of the shopping mall. And made me carry it all the way home T___________________T

Aww.... Shyuks... Shy d...

But i absolutely ADORE it =)

And I would never forget the day you asked me to go to your MUFY Graduation dinner in Sheraton. And paid for my everything.

I hope you'll reach your dream of becoming an air pilot in Australia. And definately will keep in touch. Dont you worry about that.
So all the best TOM!
Take care and make Australia S-H-A-K-E!



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