Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dreams really do hold significant meanings.

*Dream opens*

In a hall. Dark. Tables all around. But organized. Rows of tables and chairs with people. My own uni mates no doubt.

I was sitting in the center. Not sure if it was really the center of the center. But center enough.

And who else better to be by my side but him.

Laughing, and joking. My usual self.

Then suddenly everything turned darker some how. Was it the lights that seemed to dim or was it just the sudden shift of atmosphere.

Eerie it was.

What has happened?

Panic ran across their faces.

You shouldve seen their looks. It will haunt you for life. Just as how it is doing to me now.

And he vanished. Just like that. Leaving me alone.

The people started shouting.


Boy. Its still ringing in my ears.

A group of people, tho i had no idea who at the time, were walking towards the building. The building I am in. The building that I seem to have an attachment to.

As I look at the ever growing crowd from the window of the pitch black hall, fear took its toll.

"I dont want to die. Not just yet." I whispered.

And I took off. Running and running. Searching for a place to hide. To shield myself from the coming onslaught.

Oh yes. I remember it now. I remember seeing flashes of people being stabbed from the front and the back. I can still see the fountain of blood sploshing out. And its predators. Just watching. Laughing. Merciless. No. Even Satan seems to have more compassion than them. Satan does not damned the innocent. Neither does he mock at their fall.

What are these people?


I also remember hearing the miraculous tales of those who survived.

I could be just lucky enough to survive.

*opens new scene*

I was not running alone. There were people. A few of us. All so scared.

I decided its better to go alone. Scary yes. But common sense can tell you that its a much wiser move. The risk of getting caught will be less.

I had to break free.

I silently deviated from the group. But only after a few turns, I got caught. By someone. A man. Tall. Slightly rounded. And there was this 2 girls following him? My age presumably. Who are they? Especially this particular tall, short haired girl? I feel like I know her. And that we share a secret. So deep and so true.

We shared this secret. Of meeting in a place. If ever we were separated for any reasons. That we will meet there. To know if the other half is still alive.

That place was Seremban KTM station.

Why that place?

What does it mean?

Could it be because Seremban was the last stop for the train?

I dont know.

I whispered to her, "Remember our promise. I'll meet you in Seremban," and dashed out of the toilet while the man was taking a leak.

I needed to go alone.

*open new scene*

I was still running. God only knows how many flight of stairs I had ran. Funny thing is. I kept running up.

Up & up.

Not daring to look down.

I kept running till I was tired. So tired.

And it was then I saw a small crowd. My friends.

They were protesting. They were shouting something. With banners and what not.

They were prepared for death. They knew it was inevitable.

I must had lingered there for too long.

I saw THEM climbing up the stairs.

God help me.

I was so scared. Very very scared.

Then I saw her. In the middle of all the crowd. The back of her.

She looks so familiar.

Who is she?

I ran to her.

Disregarding my safety. And my life.

Its now or never. If I know her, I could be saved. And I could save the others.

I took the plunge. I jumped off the cliff.

"Hey. Don't I know you from somewhere?" I asked as I held her by her shoulders with one hand. Her back shifted as she slowly turns around to face me.


That one girl I've always been envious about.

Pretty. Smart. The most dazzling yet natural smile. And that witty side of hers.

"WHY DO YOU WANT TO KILL US?" I asked. Tears already streaming down my cheeks.

As soon as I said this, the others stopped in their tracks.

And they too turned to face me.

I know them. The same group of people I was always intimidated by for close to 2 years now.


"My dear. We do not w ant to kill you. Any of you.. Why would you think so?" she asked.

*opens new scene*

"We owe you an apology. HE owes you an apology too."

I turned. And there he was. Looking just as he did before.

He took me by the hands.

Led me to that same pitch black hall where all this started.

As he pulled me into his arms, I trembled.

He opened his mouth to say something.

But i heard nothing.

*close scene*

What he wanted to say I will never know as my dream ended so abruptly as how it started.

I've always believe dreams are places for us to act out what we desire to the most. Things that we dare not do in real life as people will judge. As they always have and forever will.

Everything that we dream about is always related to real life. One way or another.

But sometimes, dreams can be signs. Signs of the future perhaps. Signs that God chose to leave us with so we can make right decisions. Walk down the right pathway.

Was this a sign?

I have so many self interpretations about this dream.

I guess we shall see. Won't we?

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