Sunday, March 8, 2009


Train station? Yes. Your eyes have failed you not.

Christine went back economy style.

Seeing Monday is a holiday, and friday class have all been pushed forwards (and backwards), KL's a calling.

I wanted to take the bus back. But apparently all the tickets have been sold out and whats left are midnight buses, which i refuse to take. Rape cases and all. Not to mention most gerai makanans at the rest area would most probably be closed too (how am i going to tame my monstrous stomach then?).

So train I took.

RM40 it costs. Inclusive of a bed.

Departed at 8pm.

Despite people telling me over and over agian that its a 10 hour journey (yes yes i know), I decided that wtheck rite. I mean, wont it be sadistic to never be able to enjoy our very own Malaysian built train.

We've tried the bullet train in Japan, and that other bullet train in Shanghai, and the underground train in Singapore, but never the Malaysia Boleh one.

So here goes.

I stayed in the Second Class compartment. Upper bunk. So i got a pretty good view of the whole train, and practiacally every person who passes my bed and try to peek through the curtains
watching me do absurdly wu liao things like talking to the window T_________T

This position wouldve benefited me well if there were actually good looking hunks on board. But it seems that train usage is definately a Malay favourite.

Nope. Not my bunk. Some unknown random space which i decided to snap from my lookout tower.


Paid the toilet a visit.

Awefully dirty. And it stinks!

It was so small that I could barely move my non existant ass around T________T

If you thought Aimst cubicle was small, then this would be an ant hole.

Now, I shalt show to you my sleeping compartment.


Yeala yeala. I know. Messy. I slept in it what.

Theres even a mini reading light which burns your fingers and make you wish you werent that stupid as to touch it. @.@

"Touch me and BURN"

No, this is not some random guy I decided to snap a pic cause im a psychopath.

And no. I did not take this picture to show that im not a sadistic loser who has to take the train all by myself.

Ok fine. It was mainly becoz of that reason =.=

We shall work on those cam whoring skills again Cheng Foong :)


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