Thursday, March 5, 2009

I fell down. 2 TIMES at that!

One time in CAFE coz I was rushing for food.

One more time in class coz I was excited bout switching ESAP class to Raj's class.

Argh.. And in front of so many guys from my class =(

So damn sia sui!!!!!!!

Kill me. Kill me now...
*but the guys were kind ler. Helped me up and didnt laugh. But still... =( *Bangs head...


(conversation btween me and "Ryuu")

7:56:19 AM

Ryuu: some Humpy-Dumty had a great fall today...
Ryuu: on such a memorable day..5/3/2009.....
Ryuu: like a D-day in history.....of aimst
Miss Chris: wasnt that bad
Miss Chris: everyone falls down at least once in their entire life
Miss Chris: =)

Ryuu: fell down n knocked sharp objects several my frontal n occipital side of my head...

OMG! I injured someone...

SIHAT MALAYSIA card please ;)

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