Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gunung Jerai

Gunung Jerai, also known as Mount Jerai, is the highest mountain in Kedah, standing at 1217m tall. Located only 50km away from Alor Setar (the capital of Kedah, and where I'm currently residing at), it was hard to resist the calling to visit. 

It was a spontaneous trip, as is with all my other mini adventures :) 

Mong was here to accompany me as well which makes it doubly fun!

 Breakfast at the famous chicken rice stall Kedai Kopi Town House in Alor Setar. 
A must try if you are around the area! Operates only during lunch hour. 

We used the old road instead of the highway. Skimped on toll money :) 

Coolie at the gas station. hahahahaha!

 At the foot of the mountain. 

There's 3 ways of going up the mountain. You can either ride up on a motorized vehicle (car, motorbike, van...), cycle, or walk. I would suggest riding a car up as there are a lot of wild monkeys, bee hives, and monitor lizards spotted. Plus the view isn't all that interesting until you reach the top. So take my advise and just drive up. Its roughly 12km to the top.     

At one point, the road will diverge into two trails. We took the right one which leads to a resort. We did venture to the latter on the way down but there was nothing interesting there. 

It was so misty at the top! Felt like we were at Genting (minus the crowd)!

Lots of interesting plants. I like this the most. The colors are so pretty.

Wild monkey spotted!

It started pouring an hour after we arrive, so we had to cut short our visit and head home. 

Nothing much you can do here besides enjoying the cool climate. There are only a few mini trails you can hike and a cafe for light food. But it was enjoyable nonetheless =)

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