Monday, June 10, 2013

Bali 2013 (Day 5)

2 more days before our magical Bali trip ends! =(

18 April 2013 (Thursday)

Woke up around 8am, give or take, with CRAZY ACHING MUSCLES (I can still remember the pain T-T) and went out looking for our last breakfast in Ubud. We settled on an Indonesian Style Nasi Campur from a local warung and taopao-ed it back to our guesthouse to eat. 

 Mong enjoying brekkie on the patio.

It was a quick breakfast as we were rushing to catch our shuttle bus (yeap, shuttle bus again!) back to Kuta. We bought the tickets yesterday at a stall selling tours for Rp 50,000 (RM 16). This time the ride back to Kuta was bearable because firstly, we bought an earlier ride (9am) and secondly, there was no jam. Lesson learnt!

We made a request to the driver to drop us off somewhere nearby our hotel. We still have to walk quite a distance but we managed.

Our hotel for the night was J Boutique Hotel. Located at the south of Kuta, near the airport. It was RM168 for a night, a little above our budget for a night's stay, but it was worth it! I love this hotel! Everything is so pretty and posh looking! (Tip: Ask for a room with a window. We initially got a windowless room and it was horrible. So dark and gloomy. I immediately requested for a change of room and it was the best decision made that day!)

This is the Deluxe Room.

Like all other days, we rented a motorbike from a stall opposite our hotel. The person tried to charge us Rp 60,000 but we knew better and haggled it down to the standard Rp 50,000. 

We rode the bike to a random warung again for a cheap lunch!

After lunch we went for more souvenir shopping along the roads of Kuta! Mong finally bought his red Bintang shirt as well for RM 10.

The remaining afternoon was spent lazing around the hotel, flipping the tele channels and napping. We were super tired from all the activities we did the last couple of days, so today, we rest! And rest we did indeed! 

Come evening, Mong had a surprise for me and made me roll out of bed and into a nice dress for a dinner at somewhere special....

Jimbaran Beach

Mong had made reservations earlier at Lia's and it was a good thing he did because just half an hour after arriving, the place was packed to the brim! Lia is definitely the crowd favourite because its the only restaurant which was full house all night! Mong did his research and found this place to be the top restaurant in Jimbaran according to locals, tourists, and food critics. Price was good too! Our beachside sunset meal came up to Rp 286,000 (RM 95). Pretty decent considering what we ate (crab, prawns, fish, clams, potatoes, kangkung, salad, soup, fruits, rice, and drinks).

Mong in his red Bintang shirt (which he only wore once! haha). 

This stall sells the best Jagung Bakar, period. You have to try it if you are ever there! Best RM 3 of your life!

 Yummy die....

 The food, the weather, and the view is amazing!

 Last couple picture of the trip...



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