Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Canon G12

3 months ago, my mum bought a new camera (cause she dropped our ancient, 8 years old Canon digital camera into one of the rivers in Thailand while rafting - blessing in disguise? hehe :)

Camera of choice, the Canon G12.

Canon G12 – key features:

* HS System
* High-sensitivity 10 MP CCD
* 28mm wide, 5x zoom lens, Hybrid IS
* 7.0 cm (2.8″) Vari-Angle LCD, Electronic Level, OVF
* Front Dial, Full Manual & RAW
* HD movies, HDMI
* High Dynamic Range mode
* Smart Auto
* Multi-Aspect Shooting
* Extensive accessory system

The camera became my favorite toy for the next few days. And it couldn't have come at a much better time. CNY!
This year, we didn't go back to Sarawak. Instead, we had a quiet peaceful CNY in Subang :)

In the garden.

Cny eve dinner! Home cooked food! :)
Sweet Sour Pork with pineapples

Chap chai

Sotong and sea cucumber with tiram sauce.

Traditional Steamed Bawal Putih with ginger. mushrooms, and spring onion with a little bit of soya sauce and salt for taste.

I think this is duck. Not sure =/

Champagne with dinner.

Tried out the different settings of the camera. B&W, So old school!

Ipad 2!

Fish eye effect! keke.

Dad got really amused with this picture. hahahahaha. Kept insisting he was Mr. Bean's identical twin. haha.

My doggies! Say hello to Lucky (left) and Vester (right)!

Morning of CNY! Decided to do a mini home photoshoot. It is kind of a tradition for my family to take family pictures on the first day of new year. This year is no exception :)

The fun side of the shoot! haha!
We had a theme for this part of the shoot. CAN YOU GUESS IT??

Too cute! :p

The more professional takes.

After the morning photo taking session, we headed on over the Ikea, Damansara for lunch!

The infamous Ikea Swedish Meatballs. True to their fame, they are indeed delicious!

Ending the photolog with a picture of me! ;)

Overall, i think the camera is not bad. Since im no camera pro, i can't fully utilize the many different settings and functions this camera offers. Will try to learn it when i have the time. Conclusion, i think this camera is suitable for amateurs like me :P Easy to use, and its not big and bulky like some SLRs. Worthwhile investment.


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