Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sem 2 Year 2

To keep you entertained while i go drown myself in the toilet bowl of B2N.

Rather die a quick (tho slightly painful) death than to suffocate amongst the pages of Guyton's Medical Physiology textbook.

CNS is. so. friggin. HARD.

I've been so busy (when have i ever been not busy) this past 2 weeks - i started this sem 2 weeks ago, so yeah. you can see the amount of workload i have.

Day 1 of the new sem contributed 3 lecture notes already. The second day was no different. And the day after that. And the day after that.

As if the amount of notes to read is not enough to cause mental stroke, i took it upon myself to be more contributing towards... err... people in need of help?

And so far, within a span of two weeks, i have:

1) Learned how to cook herbal eggs using those authentic traditional chinese herbs
2) Joined a food sale
3) Became an umpire for the first ever Badminton Association Friendly Match
4) Took part in a korean pop dance (SNSD - OH!) for Prom
5) Will be performing Watch Say with another group of friends for Prom
6) and some other craps which i will blog about. err. soon.

ttyl =)

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