Thursday, March 25, 2010


This picture makes me look so POSH and REGAL huh. What with the pearl bracelets, and 'CHANEL' bag. Hah! Bag costs me only RM12 and the pearls costs like maybe. uhh. 1 cent per pearl (maybe lesser. i dunno. my maths sucks. did i tell you that Maths was the only subject i got B+ for my Foundation results? Major T_____T). I scored it for RM2 for the whole 5 sets.

Yah sue me. I don't think i have enough camwhore pics. Really i dont! (don't stare at me wtf.)

I think this was taken when i was back in KL for my *aherm self proclaimed friday holiday*


Anyways, im back in SP again, and drowning in studies. BUT! I shall attempt to revive my blog (peer pressure la since jon started writing in his blog again. haihz.)

So, mmmm... where do i start. Oh! CS trip with friends! Quite a momentous occasion cause it was the first time we took.. err. watchacallit. Sticker pictures? Yah! The one with the background changing + add cute props + 10x fairer skin tone pictures! YAHHH YOU GOT IT RIGHT.

BUT before that, letme show you some magic =D



TADA!!! XD So chio larh~! Wan Teng made this! Really. Wow. Must learn this technique one day!

Me and Wan Teng reanecting scenes from OH! ~ SNSD.

I think i was going out to pee, for the 5th time that day. Eh i got small bladder ok =.= Don't hate the bladder, hate the drink =.= Yah ok i know, super lame.

For those who haven't figured it out yet, we were eating in Pizza Hut.

Wan Teng is like my camwhore buddy here. I found Karmern #2! =)

Oh before i forget, must intro you to this quaint little Japanese stall which sells your run of the mill sushis, takoyaki, and TEMAKIs! Omg, FYL if you have never tried it before. Their Temakis are to DIE FOR. I dunno whats the name of the store, its in Japanese, but the lantern is all the landmark you need. Its so big and red, and have some Japanese words written on it, you cant miss it wan la! In case you did, its opposite The Store, CS. Make sure you pop by k!

Anyways, without further adue, feast your eyes on:

hahaha. We call ourselves, the PRINCESSES OF MBBS BATCH 14. Dont play play r. We got some support from the male species ok!

Happy with the purchased stickers. Eh quite cheap you know. I think we spent about RM6 per person, and we got like numero-uno pictures! Compared to KL, totally worth buying from here lorh. So which of my good friends would like to travel all the way up to take a few pictures with me? :D



Went to Eternal Zone just the other day with a couple of friends. Bloated till i felt a belly :( That would take a few hours of running to get it down. Le sigh.

Bitch, Hema, and Me :)

I look quite nice in this candid picture, thats why im putting it up :P

I took this picture. Super nice B&W effect huh. Ok i know i quite noob in photo setting cum anything photo related modifications, but i think this one came out quite nice :)

Mine and Eu-Shen's plates (we knocked over 2 plates but we pretended that we didnt hear anything and continued (sreamboating/bbq-ing). Omg we are so evil but we too lazy to walk over to the other side to pick up. T___T Ok. I deserve a slap for that. Sorry T__T


One more event before i end my post. AIMST Inaggural Hosteller Dinner 2010.

Quite interesting really. The Hosteller comittee (i swear to god i din't know we had such a comittee before this) were really resourceful as they managed to get the almost the whole event sponsored. Really gotta applause them for this. I think it was a good effort and it was somewhat a delightful night for me and my friends. So bravo!

They even had Hostel Prince and Princess (haha. ok this part i admit was abit funny. no offense. you nominees are great! but Hostel PRINCE and PRINCESS????? Maybe im just weird, or. ya ok im just weird, but i would never associate hostels with princes and princesses. Don't they stay in castles, or at the very least, MANSIONS?? Certainly not school hostels.) But congratulations anyways :)

So ok. I'll end this post with 2 pictures with Angeline and Lisa!

Btw, thank you Lisa, Alex and Angel for your support :)

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