Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ok.... I swore to myself that I will blog about the Deepavali trip down to Penang. So here I am. Writing bout 1/10 of it. XD


Me, Ming Zhi and Adrian went to BED in Penang island around 1am and crashed there till about 3-4am. Yeap. You heard it right. BED.


haha. Its a weird name. But its a nice place. Seriously. Cool chillout+gossip place for us nerds who have been rotting away in the sad sad land named Kedah. Sat there and talked practically about everything. Twas uberly fun =)

Since Halloween was close, BED was all about pumpkins, and voodoo dolls, cobwebs and creepy messages by the mirrors..

Did i mention BED sells liquor? =p muahahahahaha.

Anyways, since Im soo darn sleepy right now, I'll just let the pictures do the talking =)

*the flash ruined the 'redness' of the place*

ahh... All 3 of us. Ok. Close to a perfect 3 person pic. Lovely shot. =)

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