Monday, November 24, 2008


Wonder who got this for me... hmmm...=)

*so damn happy!

Lols. Let me not put you in the dark now. So letssss seeee... Where shall I start? hmmm...

CA1 has just finished. CA = Continuous Assessment (for those who don't bother to read up on my blog hence not knowing what it is. =p) DAMNNNN...! CA1 was tough!!! I think I'm gonna fail at least 3 subjects. Darn Anatomy, Anthropology and BioChemistry. haihz... We'll save this for another post..

Anyhoos! I've a one week break before the start of my next mid-sem. So me and my buddies decided to head on down to Penang to have some fun and to do some shopping! Will post about the trip after Im done with this post =p So fastforward..!

We were walking around Queensbay when I saw MNG. Theres no doubting what happened next =) Tried on a few tops and 2 dresses.


I fell in LOVE with that two dresses IMMEDIATELY. They were B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. (not to mention the price too...) Everyone said it looks GORGEOUS on me! Its seriously very nice! Good material, nice cutting, and its MNG! haihz.... I really really wanted it. But the price... lets just say the money could've have been put to a much better use. That being that. I walked out of the store empty handed. You have no idea how bummed out I was about it.

***The Next Day***

Me and him planned a day out together. He picked me from Gurney and we went to Queensbay to watch Quarantine. Quarantine was such a stupid show. No ending. Absolutely no story line. Just plain dissapointing. Its all about people getting infected and biting other people's head off.. *yawns...

So after the movie, I took him to MNG to see the 2 dress I absolutely LURVE... He kept asking "which dress I prefered?" over and over and over again. And I told him over and over and over again that "its not like Im going to buy it. So why choose between both?" So we decided to search for a dress else where. Something more cheaper and less hole-burning than this one. Went to Topshop. Tried on a dress. But its not as beautiful as the MNG one!

When I came out of the changing room, he was no where in sight. Searched for him high and low but I couldnt find him. Then only did I realize the existance of something called THE HANDPHONE =.="

Called him and asked him where he was. He said he will be back in a few minutes. IMMEDIATELY i knew where he was and what he was doing. I practically ran (ok la. Not run. Just walked quickly) to MNG. And there he was. At the counter. With the dress.

"*Phew" was all I could think. At least its just that dress. If he bought the other more expensive dress, I wouldve cried cause I dont want him wasting so much money on me.

SUDDENLY, the cashier lady took the other piece out of now where and swiped it on the barcode thingy.

I LOVE it!

If you thought that was the end of it...


What a surprise! Thank you ?.... muahahahahaha..

We went to Manhattan's after that. Yummy!

Thanks so much for the wonderful day again! =)

Wonder what he'll do if I told him I like this skirt too? o.O haha. KIDDING! Don't get it for me!

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Anonymous said...

ron is ur bf??

i was reading the post and my eyes were already bulging out..

and there came ur pics wearing the dress..they looked awesome on u .. =)

then came the shock..RON is the guy??? aha.. ;P