Monday, November 11, 2013

Hatyai 2013 (Part 2)

13 July 2013 (Saturday)

Upon reaching Danok, we took an air-conditioned shuttle van for RM6 (THB57) one way to Hatyai. Its a 1 hour journey and one of its stop will be Lee Gardens Plaza.


Cheap guesthouses and inns are aplenty in Hatyai. They might not have the best facilities or the prettiest decor, but it is sufficient for a night's stay or two. Price range: RM40 - RM70. 

The more 'luxurious' hotels will be Lee Gardens Plaza, Grand Plaza, The Regency, Golden Crown Plaza, Mayflower Hotel, BP Grand Suite, and New Season Hotel, to name a few. Prices for these higher end hotels ranges between RM100 - RM300 (depending on season). 

Since we weren't planning to stay cooped up in the room for the whole day, we decided to stay at a cheap guesthouse and use the remainder of the money on good food! We wandered around and finally settled on Num Huat Guest House. For RM50 a night, we got a pretty decent room. Can't complain much for the price we paid! 

It was dark when we decided to drag our lazy bums out for dinner. 

There was some kind of concert going on near our guesthouse. Lucky us! Cause when they are concerts, there are tons of street food! *cue tamjiak face* 

Found this store interesting cause of the ang moh chef. Decided to give the skewers a try. Bad decision. Gave us both diarrhea the next morning. Reckon the meat wasn't well cooked. 

Everyone was sitting on the grass listening to the singers belt out traditional thai songs with dancers as accompaniment. There was a merry-go-round and a mini rock climbing station for the kids. 

After about 45 minutes, we wandered off into the main town area and had tomyum and vege with rice at a random restaurant. Street food is not enough to satisfy our rumbling tummies! The tomyum was fantastic! But the vege was a tad bit too salty and oily for my liking.

Random elephant on the street.

Right outside Lee Gardens Plaza. Always packed with people!

Beef noodles from a roadside stall outside Lee Gardens. THB50. 

Really watery and tasteless o-jian. THB100. 

After maxing out our tummy space, we decided to call it a night. Food hunting can be really draining!

14 July 2013 (Sunday)

Up early the next morning! Time for more food at the morning market! Best time to buy fruits, veges and poultry!

 Looks like cucur udang to me...

  At our favourite-test (lol) breakfast joint!

We stumbled upon this gem selling pork/beef noodles when we first came to Hatyai in 2012 and we've been regular customers ever since. Its located along one of the streets in Hatyai, which name i know not (haha. sorry.). They only serve 1 dish here. Unfortunately, I don't know what its called. I usually just wave my fingers signalling how many bowls i want and they will settle the rest. You can choose to have it dry or with soup. I prefer it dry, whilst Mong likes his with soup.

The usual condiments you will find in every Thai restaurant - Fish sauce, chili flakes, chili sauce, and sugar.


After breakfast, we went for a short stroll in Lee Gardens Plaza. Honestly, there's nothing much to do here. Probably cause its like the 100th time I've been here =/

Paddle Pop Side Slit dress from Zalora
Yellow sandals from Vincci

So that about sums up our 2 days 1 night trip to Hatyai. This post is wayyyyyyy back logged and since then, I've came to Hatyai another 2 times! haha! Not sure if I will blog about Hatyai again but we'll see.

Ending the trip with a poster of The Lone Ranger - Customized version yo! Only in Thailand! :)

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