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Bali 2013 (Day 2)

15 April 2013 (Monday)

We did something totally unplanned today. 
We rented an automatic motorbike from this shabby looking stall opposite our hotel early this morning =D
Making your way around Bali is difficult if you are travelling solo or as a couple because renting cars or vans will cost you a bomb! (Blue Bird taxis are an exception but they are only limited within the Kuta, Seminyak, and Legion region) They do not charge per head, rather per vehicle. We were on a budget. A loose budget but a budget nonetheless. So getting our own personal car was out of the question.

All motorbikes in Bali are automatic (which was great cause it makes it heaps easier to drive!). It costs around Rp40,000 - Rp60,000 per bike for 24 hours. The standard is RM50,000 (RM15), but some might try to charge you at a higher price. Just say Rp50,000 and they will know that you are a seasoned Bali traveler and will let you off with that amount. The basic 'legal' requirements is that you leave your International Driving License with them. For those of you who do not possess one, you can just leave your passport/ identity card/ or driving license. I would advise to leave the latter as your passport and IC are way to valuable to be handed to some strangers in a foreign country! Do take note that IF YOU GET CAUGHT  DRIVING WITHOUT AN INTERNATIONAL LICENSE BY THE LOCAL POLICE, YOU MAY BE  FINED, JAILED, OR BOTH. Police won't normally flag you unless you are driving without a helmet or breaking (obvious) road laws.

Along Kuta Street. Chain restaurants and fast food joints everywhere!

Along the road are plenty of small shacks that offer tourist packages as well as shuttle buses. We got our one-way shuttle bus tickets to Ubud for Rp50,000 per person. And by shuttle bus, i mean a non-air conditioned van. Why do the Balinese call it a bus i will never know.... Its pretty uncomfortable riding in a non-air conditioned van cause it was stuffy and mad hot! (more on this in Bali Day 3) 

Anyways, since it was still pretty early (11am), we decided to take a stroll along the beach before it becomes too hot #asians

Kuta beach was practically empty save for a few surfers and local touts. 

Those gay poses.....

Okay my turn!

Our means of transportation for the entire day.

Tried taking a selca while on a moving motorbike. Difficult!

One of the many lanes in Seminyak (or Legian. Im not 100% sure). Check out the grandma angmoh on that awesome bike. 

We rode around for a good half hour, looking out for any good eateries for brunch. There were dozens of places that looked good. But we finally settled on this quaint little restaurant, Shandy's Bar & Restaurant. 

Mugshot indeed. teehee!

Retard. teehee again!

Anyone care for some Bullshit? =P

Yeap. We sent a postcard to our respective families. 

Rp3,000 only (RM1). Got it from one of the local convenience stores.

At the post office, sending out our postcards.

Now here comes the slightly challenging part: navigating our way outside of Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian. The day before, we bought a local sim card (Telekomsel) with data plan. Thank god for smart phones and GPS! Makes everything easier!  It was difficult to navigate in the beginning because we are not used to their roads and their traffic culture. But after a while, you'll get the hang of it. 

We wandered around for a bit. Saw a Giant Hypermarket! (omg Malaysian invasion!)


It was about 3pm when we decided to make an impromptu trip to Tanah Lot. We have the bike and the GPS. Whats stopping us? Nothing! So off we went. 

But first, a quick pit stop back to the hotel to shower!

Before we left, we asked the locals when was the perfect time to visit Tanah Lot. Most of them commented that the best time to be there is around 5pm because that is when the sun will be setting, and it will be super romantic. 
It was just perfect for us! Cause it was about 4pm when we left the hotel, and it was about an hours ride, so we made it there just in time! Phew!

Filling up gas. 
Rp9,00 for a full tank, which was equivalent to about RM3.

It was fairly easy to get to Tanah Lot. There will be signboards along the way guiding you, and if all else fails, you can always ask the locals for help. However, come night fall, signboards will be hard to read, and so at this time, a GPS will be very helpful. 

Side note: Besides me and Mong, there were no other Asian tourists renting bikes and riding it all over Bali (at least none that we've seen). Why not?? Its super convenient and cheap! We saw lots of angmohs doing it but zero Asians.

You'll have to pay for an entrance ticket into Tanah Lot and then you'll have to walk through a street filled with vendors selling food, souvenirs and the likes. Nothing special bout the souvenirs  You can get them practically anywhere in Bali.

Tanah Lot.

The tide was low when we were there so we couldn't see it at its most glorious state. But there are some pros and cons to that!

1. We are able to walk into the small cave (as seen on the left side of the above picture) 
2. In the cave, there will be Balinese monks who will sprinkle you with holy water and  read out some blessings.
3. We got a close up view of the temple (we are forbidden to enter the temple, but we can wander around the stairs area)

Its not as beautiful as in the postcards :(

Waiting in line to be blessed.

Mong looking as gay as ever with that flower behind his ear. haha.

Went to visit a holy snake. Apparently this snake was a former resident of the temple. It has never bitten anyone and is very tame (so they say). 

Waited for the perfect timing to shoot this.

Okay last gay picture of Mong, i promise! hehe. Jangan muntah ok! I know i did! hahaha!

Like all holidays, the hours just seem to sweep by and bam! Its night already! Technically it wasn't night cause it was only 6.30pm but man, i wish it would have been brighter!

Stopped by Warung Nyamen for dinner, an off-the-grid, random food stall we spotted on our way back to Kuta. Thats the beauty of having your own vehicle. You can stop by anywhere if you want to!

Ordered Mee Ayam Jamur (Rp 5,000) and Mee Ayam Bakso (Rp 7,000). Supper yummy and cheap!

Spotted this shop selling bikinis along the way. Nico Nico! Only in Bali! =D

Got hungry again so we popped in a random restaurant to eat.

 Food was pricey and the taste was so-so. Hence his expression.

And just like that, Day 2 of Bali 2013 was over.

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