Sunday, February 26, 2012


Random flowers i saw when hiking a mountain.

Hello there!

This blog has been abandoned for far too long! Time to revive it!

Its been bout a year plus since i last did a proper update. Got carried away with.... studies... life... and changes! Life is all about changes no? :D

Speaking bout changes, i've finally gotten around to doing my IC. Not that i lost my old one. I'm just tired of people questioning my identity with questions like "is that really you??" or "you orang asli ka?". The latter is the more famous question. le sigh..

Before. (underexposure)

After! (overexposure. haha)
Staggering difference! Wont say its my best photo, but definitely way better than the old one!

Another change to note, my new Charles and Keith purse! :)

And i finally used RM100 of my book voucher at Popular.



Currently reading The Kite Runner. Yes i know its been out for many years now. Nothing wrong with reading it late. Better late than never! I've only finished the first 3 chapters but i can tell its going to be a good read! :D

But of all changes, there is one that stands out from the rest. However, that, is another story.

cheers! :)


Jon Tay said...

Spent my book voucher on Comic books and Magazines.

Christine said...

Lol! Good way to spend your vouchers!