Monday, December 29, 2008


Ohh how much I miss Kl.

Its Monday already. 6 days of my holidays have passed. Too fast too soon. What wouldnt I give for an extension of hols.

So went out today with Layboon, Hema, Shee Wuee, Jon, Noel, Kay Sim and Vincent. After a day of movies and some minor shopping and a few rounds of pool in which the girls sooooo totally trump the guys in (19 to 0? Come on.... ;), we headed to Italiannies for a much well deserved dinner.

"WELCOME to Itallianies!"

Vincent the mega-watt smile waitor!

Make that 2 of them! =)

Love the view from here.

Playing with the 'thongs'

Si Magnifique!

Have I made your mouth water yet? =)

(Can anyone say Sotong with Elegance?)

Muahahahahaha XD

Spreading the LOVE!

Ahhhh.. The fun.... =) Cheers!

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